Business class Gmail leadgen – on autopilot.
More personal. More prospects.


Looking to get more calls with prospects? Then get ready to run through dozens of trials with lousy (or broken) automated lead generation software tools. And be prepared to waste a ton of time.

I was there myself. I went through trials of all the leading apps for automated lead generation  software within the personalized email & followup automation space.

What was my conclusion after taking them all for a spin?

They had a ton of extra features that I was never going to use. In software terms, the market was saturated with “bloatware.”

They had interfaces that were poorly designed and counter-intuitive. As far as user experience goes – a complete disaster.

Who wants to bother with a week’s worth of support emails just trying to get the app to work in the first place?

Only to find out that it doesn’t work as expected, or worse yet – it’s broken?!

A prospect should not be followed up with AFTER they have already replied – this is frustrating! And it can be extremely embarrassing to explain yourself in front of potential customers.

So I did something about it.

I created something that sends automated emails with the functionality and reliability that I require when running automated cold email campaigns.

Introducing… ReplyBoss.

ReplyBoss helps to send mass personalized outbound email and automate followups,
enabling you to generate leads on autopilot. Say goodbye to features
you don’t need and hello to a ton of new sales prospects.

ReplyBoss makes spreadsheets cool again.

Get up and running in just a few minutes of authorizing with your Google account.

Runs on autopilot.

Set & forget, hands off, honest to goodness Gmail automation, even when you shutdown your computer. Import leads, send email & followup – all automatically.


Plays nice with Google Docs.

Import new prospects directly from your VA’s spreadsheet.


Scheduling followups is a breeze.

It’s never been easier to set an email schedule. Just choose the time of day you would like the prospect to be emailed, enable the schedule, and watch the flood of replies hit your inbox.

Easy reminders.

Specify up to 5 followup emails, along with a time interval between each one.

Trigger actions when a prospect replies.

Get notified immediately and even, as part of your workflow, append the contact to an external spreadsheet.


Appropriate Person Intro

Autogenerate an “appropriate person” intro, as detailed in Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross.

Google Analytics Integration

View each event as your campaign unfolds in real time. Split test multiple subject lines and increase your open rate.


ReplyBoss has sent 62,028 emails for…


Legendary Leadgen




Funnel Engine


New Revenue

People are buzzing from the ReplyBoss drip…

Averaging an 18% reply rate with ReplyBoss – my outbound sales process has never been so strong. It fits perfectly into my workflow.

Richard Patey

Founder, Funnel Engine

Easily manage Gmail outbound campaigns and
tap into a consistent stream of warm leads.


ReplyBoss Gmail Leadgen

Outbound campaigns on autopilot
$37/ license / month
  • Free onboarding & campaign setup


Frequently Asked (at least twice) Questions

How is this different from emailing services like Aweber, Mailchimp, Drip, or Ontraport?

Those services are for list management and sending email campaigns. Their objective is to get you to click a link in the email and drive traffic back to your site. The concept behind ReplyBoss is simple: keep following up with prospects until they reply to your email. By using ReplyBoss, you are trying to get a reply to your email, not for the recipient to click a link.

How frequently will ReplyBoss be updated?

This depends on the number of feature requests received. Also, bug fixes will be addressed before new features will be considered.

What is the format for my VA's spreadsheet?
The columns for your Virtual Assistant’s spreadsheet should be configured as follows:

Email Firstname Lastname Subject Personal API